From dust they arise,
drawn together by a magic frequency…



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Far away, inexplicable forces shape matter into form. And so life begins: people arise from dust and are drawn to each other by the magical frequency of 2,750 Hz.

Captivating, beautiful and stirring, the short film 2.57k allows us to see and hear the extraordinary.

Photo by Debbie Boccabello

Eva Colmers

writer, director

Eva Colmers has written and directed 16 award-winning short and long-format films in the dramatic, experimental and documentary genre including Granny Baby, The Weightless Traveller, End of the Rope, The NFB Elder Project, LUZ, Hand Sum, The Enemy Within and No Problem. In a unique playful style, Colmers explore various aspects of alienation and belonging in her work. Her films have been screened at many international festivals as well as on television and she has received several awards for her accomplishments.

With a background in theatre, Colmers has also created visual background for theatre-, dance- and music performances. She is presently finishing a new documentary for the National Film Board of Canada and is working on a dramatic script for a multi-ethnic dramatic comedy.

Colmers enjoys meeting new people, places and challenges and welcomes collaborations and co-productions

For more information on Colmers’ work, visit her company’s website at:

Photo by Matt Leif Anderson

Gary James Joynes

sound-sand cymatic animation
original music

Gary James Joynes, aka Clinker, is a highly accomplished electronic and experimental music performance artist. Using his analog synthesizers and custom-made machines, he explores visual sound as photograph, drawing, sculpture hybrids along with immersive installation environments for reflection and deep listening/viewing experiences.

His live cinema work Peregrination premiered in the 2013 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art and has since been performed internationally. Clinker’s Live Cinema work On the Other Side... was commissioned by the 2008 International Leonard Cohen Festival and toured internationally. He also composed the film score for the National Film Board of Canada’s award winning feature documentary Dirt which premiered at the Vancouver DOXA Festival in May 2008.

Joynes’ most recent audio-visual solo installation is the large scale Broken Sound at Edmonton’s dc3 Art Projects. Previous solo shows include Frequency Painting: 12 Tones, Soundbursting No. 1 and Topographic Sound which featured his critically acclaimed work Ouroboros which had its world premiere at Toronto’s Koffler Centre of the Arts.

Joynes has been repeatedly invited to The Banff Centre of the Arts to advance new ideas in visual sound and music which has now become known as the Frequency Painting Series.

Ƒor more information on Joynes’ work, visit his website at:

Photo by Fish Griwkowsky

aAron munson


aAron munson is a Canadian independent filmmaker and cinematographer. Since 2003, he has created over 20 films, and has exhibited work at festivals, galleries and multidisciplinary events across Canada and internationally.

munson is also a collaborator with many different visual and audio artists on a variety of projects ranging from music videos to gallery installations. His use of both analogue and digital mediums creates a unique aesthetic that draws on the history and physical malleability of film, while exploring the possibilities of emerging technologies in digital filmmaking.

Currently, munson is working with the National Film Board of Canada on an interactive online documentary project that explores the history of an abandoned arctic weather station and the role of active observation within our society

His other current projects include a feature length documentary about the Dempster Highway in the Canadian Arctic, and the documentary series Human – Miracle of a Species directed by Niobe Thompson, for which he is a cinematographer.

Ƒor more information on munson’s work visit his website at:


performers Tony Olivares
Amber Borotsik

Set Designer/Key Grip Larry Kelly

Camera Assistant Christina Ienna

Gaffer/Lighting Matt Vest

Location Sound Aaron Macri

Production Coordinator Geraldine Carr

Costume Design Amy Kucharuk

On Set Dresser Libby Bolstler

Production Assistant Aidan Anderako

Production Stills Gary James Joynes

Craft Services Cheryl Millikin

Video Mastering Joe Owens, 
Presto! Digital

Sound Mix Gary J. Joynes &
John Blerot

Sand Supplier Sand Recycling Ltd.

Promotion Design Vladimir Calic


Shot on location at dc3 Art Projects and Film Alberta Studio in Edmonton, Canada


Visions Film Festival

2017 - Rekjavik, Iceland

Auckland International Film Festival – Official Selection

2017 - Auckland, New Zealand

Lift-Off Film Festival – Official Selection

May 8-10 2017 - Tokyo, Japan

NYC Independent Film Festival – Official Selection

May 1-7 2017 - New York, NY USA

Reeling: Dance on Screen Festival

January 7-8 2017 - Edmonton, Canada

METRO Cinema

Nov 27, 2016 - Edmonton, Canada

Female Eye Film Festival

June 17, 2016 at 12noon (with feature Anatomy of Passion) - Toronto, Canada

Allentown Jazz & Arts Fest

May 3, 2016 at 7pm - Allentown, PA USA

Arizona Int. Film Festival (Best Experimental Short Award)

April 22, 2016 at 9:30pm and May 1st at 2:15pm - Tucson, AZ USA

Capital City Film Festival

April 8, 2016 at 6pm - Lansing, MI USA

Taos Shortz Film Fest

April 10th, 9 - 11am at The Taos Arts Centre - Taos, NM USA

Sarasota Film Festival

April 5 at 9:45pm and April5 at 9:30pm at Regal Cinema - Sarasota, FL USA

2 Award-Winners: “2.57k” and “Figurine” at METRO Cinema

March 12th, 2016 at 7pm - Edmonton, Canada

Dawson City Int. Short Film Festival, Canada

March 26, 2016 at 9:30pm - Dawson, YK

Cultural Collective Showcase

January 21, 7 - 10pm - Edmonton, Canada

Edmonton Film Prize Announcement (First Runner-Up)

January 12, 2016 at 4:30pm - Edmonton, Canada

Blow-Up Film Fest – Official Selection

December 2015 - Chicago, USA

The Hearts Album Release Party & Best of FAVA Event

November 10, 2015 - Edmonton, Canada

Festival de Cortos de Bogotá – BOGOSHORTS, Colombia

December 9 - 15, 2015 - Bogotà, Colombia

Aesthetics Short Film Festival 2015

November 5 - 8 - York, UK

Citizen Jane Film Festival

October 22 - 25 - Columbia, USA

Montreal World Film Festival 2015

Aug 27 - Sep 7 - Montreal, Canada

Short Film Corner Festival de Cannes 2015

May 10 – 17 - Cannes, France

METRO Cinema | cast + crew special screening

May 24 - Edmonton, Canada

Ground Media Arts Conference – AMAAS

June 13 - Drumheller, Canada

Mykonos Biennale

July 2 – 7 - Greece


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2.57k One Sheet | Tech Specs

Promo Stills and Production Stills by Gary James Joynes